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Window Well Cleaner


I have spent the last 50 years engineering roads and highways. Most of my time was spent on the road, many weeks I only had 1 and a half days at home. When home, I had cattle and horses to look after, maybe get in a few hours to ride and rope, as well as some time earning hours flying, as I worked to earn my commercial license. The last thing I wanted to do was to spend time cleaning my window wells. 

“I invented the window well cleaner as a quick and easy way to get this chore completed in record time, as I have aged, I have found that I didn’t want to climb into the window well to clean. I hope you enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of my invention.”

Don Leone

Simply Clear Window Well Cleaner

can also be used with all types of window wells ( aluminum, steel, wood) and window sizes.

Safe for Everyone

You don't need to climb into your window well

Easy to Use

Comfortable magnetic handles allow easy pull up from the window well and the ability to reinsert

Fast and Effective

It will take you less than 5 minutes to clean, saving time.